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Immune Media

Immune Media is a video production company in Portland, Oregon that creates media for your organization while providing meaningful opportunities for young people to participate in the creative process.

Client: Caldera Arts

the BLUE LAKE project

Time does not exist as minutes, months, and years.
Land does not exist just for building on.

The Blue Lake Project offers viewers a new perspective in which we belong to the earth, instead of the other way around.


Client: The Portland Workshop / Story Arc

Death DIY

The subject of death has become taboo and fearful, and, as such, perpetuates a standardized system that influences how our society has come to perceive and treat it. Death is an inevitable, natural, personal process that has become institutionalized and monetized—co-opting every component—from the body of the deceased to the associated rituals, timing, and psychic impact.

When someone dies, they do not have to be embalmed. The first call does not have to be to the "authorities." The body can be kept at home for 24 hours and, in Oregon, can be buried in a "green" cemetery without a casket, or even your own backyard.


Client: US Forest Service


The US Forest Service Department of Civil Rights wants urban kids to conquer their fears of the outdoors and become future stewards of the environment.

As part of internship recruitment, USFS invites kids to explore Metolius River forests and their relationship to nature.


Produced for: The Loaded Project

Black Powder

While some gun enthusiasts are looking for higher capacity magazines, more powerful scopes, and faster triggers, others are purposefully reverting to old technology.

There’s an old saying at Oregon’s Barlow Trail Long Rifles club— “One shot: Deer. Two shots: Maybe deer. Three shots: No deer.”


Client: Kids N' Tennis

On the LINE

Kids N’ Tennis serves the Portland community by providing a comprehensive junior tennis program that is culturally, ethnically, and economically diverse.

The non-profit is in its 30th year of offering year-round weekend lessons, and a free 6-week summer tennis camp at Irving park—Made possible by community support and an all-volunteer coaching staff.

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